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    The SiS Vision
Every challenge needs a vision. The personal computer industry was created by people who had a vision and turned it into a challenge. From Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Computers, who took on the challenge of the mainframe with PCs to Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, who envisions the day when there will be a computer on every desk and in every home. SiS was founded in 1983 on this same Shared Vision.

The advancement of Technology would be futile unless one can bring it to the target user. The SiS Mission is to bring Technology closer to you. Innovation of Products will be redundant unless it can work for you. The SiS Mission is to help you and let Technology work for you. Improving the Quality of Life and products require constant communications between the creator, the manufacturer and the user. SiS's Position is to be that link. Our Market is the Asia Pacific region, the world's fastest growing region.

Our objective is to become a leader in the distribution of mobile and IT products by bringing the best returns on the investments for our shareholders; achieving maximum market share for our principals; giving the best value for our customers' investments; and the best company for our staff.

Every challenge has been a triumph, and every triumph brings with it an even greater challenge. SiS will continue to expand its vision for the betterment of human life and to be the best company ever.

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